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Step 1: Sign up with your personal email id and choose a handle.

Step 2: Add in your personal details if you want your viewers to know more about yourself.

Step 3: Add in the links or files and their description(s).

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  • Analytics: Analytics of your profile view appear as soon as you make your publish your profile. Synced directly with Google Analytics, you can keep a track of who visits your profile, from what source and from where!
  • Custom Metas: You get the ability to control custom tags of your public profile view!
  • File Uploads: Not only links, you can also upload your important documents such as work portfolio, resumes and more! Greyplate would convert them into a URL and they would then appear on your public profile view.
  • Free premium service: Free premium access for upto 60 days. No credit card required and valid only for a limited time!